We Must Prepare for the Chaos and Violence to come

It may be time to start preparing for the end of our current way of life. War is coming to more of the world. Countries are in turmoil within, tearing themselves apart. External enemies are at the gates and none of the flies can seem to get their shit together. They argue and cry about everything. They are weak and rather than face their weakness they struggle against each other. They will bring violence and chaos to us all.

The Doctrine of Experience should be taught and lived. It must be expanded and adapted for the world to come. Sociopaths will inherit the earth. We are built for the chaos to come. We are built to benefit and thrive in this new land of opportunity. We must begin to raise our brothers and sisters through the ranks and teach them to function. The Trickster’s Path can help those that need to find their way. There are other sources, other ways. We must find the way forward. We must be placed to take the power that is ours by right. The flies have ruined our world, ruined our societies. It is time a new people take dominance.

We must be the guiding light, and iron rod. Many of us are in positions of power already, we must unite under our own flag. Emotions and fear have ruled this world for too long already. It is time for the hyper-rational to take their turn. In the chaos that will come we must lead. We must be the spiders placing ourselves in the darkness for our prey. We must spin our webs, and make our plans. If we wish to truly dance in the ashes of “civilization” we must be ready.


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